Fundamentally, our greatest challenges are challenges of leadership

Innovation at its core is always about people


More than any other factor, leadership influences the success or failure of people, systems, and organizations.  The challenge lies in getting all those in a system to be present and aware in it, to see when something is needed, to recognize that they can answer the need, and then to have the courage and confidence to step up and bring their full contribution in the moment.


The future of leadership is collective

Shifting perspectives: The days of hierarchical, siloed leadership are over


  • Today’s great challenges and opportunities call for a more conscious and collaborative way of leading that is purpose driven, brings out the best in oneself and others, and can quickly respond and adapt to constantly changing realities.


  • Organizations are shifting from outdated command and control management models to more collaborative leadership models. While this is a great first step, in most cases, it doesn’t go far enough. We need to shift to collective leadership models – where people at all levels know their strengths (and weaknesses), understand when to step forward or back in service of the collective team, and know the importance of showing up fully present with their full impact.