We are a community of conscious, inspired innovation and change leaders with a desire to make a difference in our world. We are interested in increasing awareness of self in service of our collective reality - so that we may begin to bring our authentic self in all that we do - to live a more joyful and fufilling life - and create a better world.


We help to catalyze and accelerate Collective Leadership

Read: "we help individuals and teams overcome workplace challenges and toxicity by..."

Creating safe (and growth driven) environments for learning and practice:

We are a “co-lab”oratory because we build a collaborative, co-creative, environment which is both safe and rigorous- where leaders acquire new skills, test them in practice, develop and grow with each other, and achieve results together.

Facilitating trust and understanding:

Our consulting, coaching and learning programs enable people at all levels to shift toward a more conscious and collective way of leading, one that more effectively leverages the strengths of individuals and their commitment to the success of the whole. Collective Leadership boosts collaboration, builds organizational agility and resilience, and creates deeper engagement with customers/stakeholders.

We are co-creators of a better way to lead

Read: "we can help you and your team tap into hidden strengths necessary for leading in the 21st-century business environment"


We are committed to:

1. Helping leaders and organizations evolve to better, healthier, more conscious ways of working and leading.

2. Pioneering and deploying emerging leadership and innovation programs in an experiential way, and measuring outcomes to foster continuous improvement and learning.

3. Building Collective Leadership and innovation capacity in leaders and organizations who are doing “good” work.

4. Co-creating a more connected, inspired and sustainable future through Collective Leadership.