An 8-week Expertiential Journey

Navigating Uncertainty with the Enneagram

Understand how to use the Enneagram as a lens for thriving during times of stress and uncertainty.

What will this experience entail?

An 8-week experiential journey including...

1) Bi-weekly "inhales" and "exhales" - an alternating series of 4 LIVE Zoom calls (inhales) comprised of Enneagram learning and discussion, and 4 'pause' weeks (exhales) comprised of self-reflective activities designed to foster clearer insights and intentions.

Zoom calls will take place every other Tuesday at 4pm EST starting May 5th.

2) An online space and community for reflection, peer connection, and diving deeper into the Enneagram.

What might I gain from this experience?

• A small-group “living room” space for self reflection, support, and learning

• Better understanding of your Enneagram type and how it can be a valuable tool for self-learning and growth

• Better understanding of your triggers and how you tend to react under stress and uncertainty, plus personalized coping strategies

• Awareness of your impact and how your Enneagram type “meshes” with others - (partners/colleagues will appreciate this)!

Who is this for?

Anyone who would value a scheduled weekly "pause" for the next 8 weeks, to intentionally reflect on their own well-being and ability to cope during stress and uncertainty, while learning about themselves more deeply through the lens of the Enneagram.

For the time being space is limited, to ensure an intimate experience for all.

We hope you choose to join us for this journey!

One quick note:

The online portion of this experience is hosted inside of a larger network called The Better Initiative. By joining this experience you are also creating an account with the larger TBI network which you may choose to utilize or not. The course itself is private to participants.

About The Better Initiative

The Better Initiative is a free online (off-Facebook) community. It is a space for people and groups seeking to establish more sustainable, resilient and holistic ways of being and living, in hopes of fostering a better future, together.

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