The Better Initiative

Supporting Individuals & Communities to Live a Life of Greater Well-Being, Resilience and Intention.

The Better Initiative connects people looking for a communal space to explore sustainable, resilient, and holistic ways of being and living in our increasingly disconnected, stress-filled and uncertain world. We’re learning to live, work, and play ‘better together’, and hopefully creating a better world for ourselves, for our families, and for our future in the process.

Life as we have known it is disrupted – more uncertain than ever before. 

As we all face new realities because of COVID-19, we’re forced to temporarily shift from our regularly scheduled programming – both the conscious routines, and the unconscious habits which have served us in the past.

Aware that our current circumstances will bring heartache, headache, and anxiety to many, we’ve create a space to provide love, support, and community, where those who wish to do so can use this time to slow down, reflect, and learn to navigate this new world – together.

Even after this crisis has passed, the need for people to continue to connect in new ways will remain highly important in an increasingly disconnected and uncertain world.

to establish more sustainable, resilient, and holistic ways of being and living (as individuals and as communities) that help to foster a better future, together – that is our greatest hope.

Our moderators are coaches and professionals with the expertise to create meaningful online learning and community. You, our community members, bring unique perspectives, experiences, knowledge, resources and tools – please share all of this with us!

Together, we can build individual and collective insights that help us each to not only “get by” during this difficult time (and those to come), but to use this as an opportunity for both personal expansion and growth, and a deepening of ‘togetherness’ and community – despite the physical distance between us.

When we are practicing holistic personal health – building mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being – we have more capacity to be helpful and responsive to the needs of those around us.

We’ve created The Better Initiative to provide the space to grow, reflect, learn, teach, and share.

Let’s use this period of chaos to make ourselves, our families and our communities more resilient, sustainable, and whole. Let’s use this time to make the world a little bit better.

We welcome you for this next part of our shared journey.